valentine-picMake your sweetie feel special with a ride and an rose from you.  The one day that every partner wants to feel special on this day.  We have 1 hour and 2 hour rides and 3 a tour with box lunch available this weekend up to and including Valentine Day.  You make the reservations and we supply the horses and a rose or lunch for you to give to that special sweetheart.  We take pictures of all of our couples for them to share with their friends free of charge.  We love our customers and hope they will have a wonderful Valentines Day to share with each other.  To make your reservation just call us at 817-648-2584 and ask for Judy or you can buy a gift certificate from our website here to use on a later date.

Ride Schedules  Feburary 10th  –  14th

Cost:  1 hour ride cost per couple $80.00 
       2 hour ride cost per couple $120.00
3 hour ride with box-lunch per couple $190.00

Times (can be a ajusted to request)
9:00-11:00 2 hour ride
11:30-1:30 2 hour ride
12:00-3:30 3 1/2 hour box lunch
2:00-5:00 2 hour ride
5:300-7:30 2 hour ride
1 hour ride done on request
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