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We are a breeding and trail riding ranch of 55 acres located 6 miles northeast of Godley, TX and 15 miles south of Fort Worth, TX. This is not where the rides begin. They are at the lake .

I love horses and have collected a few over the years. We presently have around 15 head of horses for riding and breeding. We also sometimes have some horses for sale. We raise our horses to ride and be beautiful with their paint markings.
History of the name of our ranch came when my husband and I were trying to decide what to name it. Well Touch of Chrome Paints came from the fact that we raise Paint horses and Paints are considered a color breed. This means that they are basically a Quarter Horse with paint markings. So, Touch of Chrome is a Quarter Horse with Chrome on him like a fancy Car has on it. There are several different color patterns in paints. The overo patterns are my favorite. They usually have a bald face and splashed color patterns and one totally white leg with no white crossing their back.  Our breeding stallion at the present time is Y two Kool and is a very pleasant individual to be around. He is very much a gentlemen. Looks with Brains. If you are interested in breeding a mare you need to check this guy out.

Please be considerate and make an appointment before visiting us. We love to show off  but do have a very busy schedule all the time.

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