Rocky Creek Park in my opinion this is one of the prettiest trails in north Texas.  You notice the season changes better here than you do at any of the other trails.  We meet in a grassy parking lot on the right side of the road before you get to the entrance booth to the park. These trails are only for the equestrian and hikers. We see more wild flowers here all year long than we do at any of the other trails. We usually see lots of Deer and other wildlife like bunny rabbits, squirrel, armadillos, possum hanging in the trees, lots of different birds like owls, hawks, buzzards and even a bald eagle on occasions,  a couple of times we have seen a bob cat and coyotes. It is all natural and unspoiled by people. except the trail where the horses travel. We do see some bottles that have been washed up from the flooding of the lake but we all try to keep it clean.  Sometimes we have a clean the trail ride where we do some trimming of the trees and picking up trash. We love to keep our trails clean.  There is an oath we take that: If you pack it in you Pack it out so please return our water bottles and all trash back to the trailer.  Map to this location

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Benbrook Lake
(also known as Benbrook Reservoir) is a reservoir on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Tarrant County, Texas, USA. The lake is located approximately 10 miles (16 km) southwest of the center of Fort Worth, where the Clear Fork and the West Fork of the Trinity River join. The lake is impounded by the Benbrook Dam. The lake and dam are owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District.

benbrook parks & lake map


Significant flooding on the Trinity River during May 1908, April 1922 and September 1936, was a primary cause for the development of Corps of Engineers flood control projects in North Texas.

Benbrook Dam and Lake were built by the Galveston District of the Corps of Engineers. During the decade of active civil works construction following World War II, the U.S. Congress provided for the construction of Benbrook Lake, Grapevine Lake, Lavon Lakeand Ray Roberts Lake as well as modifications to the existing Garza Dam for the construction of Lewisville Lake. The River & Harbors Act of 1945 authorized these projects for the purposes of both flood control and navigation. These lakes and others, along with an extensive flood-way system of levees, are operated in a coordinated manner to minimize flooding along the Trinity River floodplain corridor in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Benbrook_Lake_and_Dam arieal

This edge is the north end of the lake