1 Hour Trail Ride

Bring your first time riders to us!!!!

We love to teach on the trails.  Actually we do a teaching trail ride for all our first time riders.

First Time Riders will be given a little demonstration on how to Que their horse and what to expect when a horse isn’t doing what they expect them to do.  Read this to them or you can even use it as a refresher course for yourself.  Simple and easy.

2012 pic off my Iphone 370

1.  Whoa:  With the Whoa Que you will pull back with both reins in your hand firmly toward your stomach till your horse stops and then you will release the reins or push your hands forward.  By releasing the head of your horse which is putting your hand forward toward the horses head in front of the horn of the saddle it releases the pressure in the horses mouth.  He should stand quietly after doing this. You and the horse can now take a deep breath.

2. Backing your horse: This is basically the same thing as the wow except you will be holding his head back toward your body with the reins in your hand until the horse takes a couple of steps backwards. After he has backed up you will also release the pressure in his mouth and his head back to him so he can relax and stand still for you.

2.  Turning your horse:  This will be done with your reins in one hand kinda like a steering wheel in your car.  You will hold the reins in your hand and cross the reins across the horses neck toward the direction that you are wanting the horse to turn.  Which this is putting pressure in the horses mouth and side of his neck. Lets  say you are wanting your horse to turn to the left so you will cross your hand with the reins in your hand across the horses neck toward the left side of the horse.  This pushes his head and heck in the direction you are wanting to go so the body will follow the head and neck in that direction.  If for some reason your horse doesn’t turn for you, you can reach down on the left side of the left rein and pull his nose to the left and the horses neck and body will follow the nose around in that direction.

3. How to make your horse go:  First your should click or kiss to your horse to start him thinking about  what you are asking them to do.  As you are clicking to them with your mouth you should squeeze your horse with both of your legs at the same time against the horses stomach.  This also tells him that you are wanting him to move. As he is moving you can squeeze harder and this should control the speed of your horse like the gas peddle of your car does.  Also if your are going to fast you can control the speed of the horse with the reins by pulling back gently to slow him down.When he is going the speed you want you can release his head back to him. Remember to always release his head back to him when he has done what you want him to do.  This is his reward for doing what you have asked him to do.  Every body wants a kind thank you don’t we.

4.  Main thing to remember is don’t give your horse mixed signals. By this what we mean is don’t be asking your horse to go forward or go and back up at the same time.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that a new rider will do.  Always remember to put your hands forward to go and back to stop.

5.  First time riders are usually nervous when they first get on their horse.  They most of the time don’t even know they are nervous.  What they do the most is choke up on the reins and pull the horses head up in the air or back and he then starts backing up or they start tossing their head around trying to tell the rider to loosen up on the reins so he can get relief in his mouth.  Reason he is wanting relief in his mouth is because when you pull back on the reins it pulls the shank on the bit in his mouth and puts pressure on the roof of his mouth and this is how the horse understand the wow or stop.

Don’t Worry:  I do a teaching trail ride so if you have any question please ask.  There are no stupid question so again Please ask.

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1 Hour Trail Ride