1 Hour Trail Ride


We Love Moonlight Rides!

What to expect when you arrive for a Moonlite Ride. First, we will get saddled up on our horses to get ready to go. Then we will head out on the trail for a 1 1/2  ride in the evening light and then we come back to camp

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in the dark with the full moon shining through the trees and branches like flashlight/spotlights on the ground and on our horses to show us the way back to camp under the stars of our Texas evenings. This ride will be lasting approximately 3-3 1/2 hours and is filled with fun for all. There has to be a minimum of 2 riders for this ride to happen but is more fun with more riders so get with your friend and families and put your reservations in early so we can see if we can set your Moonlite Ride in motion. We will contact you with start time because the sunset is different for each month. Check the dates below for days Moonlite Rides are offered.

Price $95.00 each rider


Full Moon rides
2017 Schedule:                                 2018 Schedule:
July 9-11                                            Jan 26-28                                  July 25030
Aug 3-10                                            Feb 1-4                                       Aug 23-28
Sept 1-7                                              Mar 1-4                                      Sept 20-25
Oct 6-8                                               Apr 27-29                                  Oct 20-30
Nov 3-5                                              May 25-29                                 Nov 22-25
Dec 29-31                                        June 22-July 1                          Dec 21-2

Gratuity is always appreciated by your guide, but completely up to you.

1 Hour Trail Ride