1 Hour Trail Ride

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We keep our groups small (8 or less riders), so that way we can better personalize the ride to each individual’s needs. Our horses are all well-behaved trail horses and have done this many times for a wide range of riders. They are safe and gentle enough for first time riders and enjoyable for experienced riders. We ride anytime, anyplace (weather permitting) so just give us a call /text 817-648-2584 and we will see about getting you on the trail.

We are open for rides 7-days a week and have many trails to choose from. Reservations are required. Prices Riders must be 3 years of age or older to ride the trails. For an additional charge, a handler can do a lead walk ride (pony ride) arranged for the 3-5 year olds after the main group returns from the ride for an additional charge. This is for small children that are insecure to get use to the idea of being on a horse.  Kids 3-5 are more than welcome to ride along with the group.  Your guide will take good care of them by leading their horse while you get to enjoy your ride.

Picnic lunches on the trail or a cookout over the campfire after the trail ride are available when scheduled in advance in the spring and fall cooler weather. Cookouts require a Minimum of 6 rider required. Picnic lunches on the trail are 3 hour rides with a 30 minute break for lunch in the middle.

We take all experience levels on trail rides. Customers can range from first time riders, novices riders to those who had to leave their horses behind when they came on vacation. We also offer horse rentals for weddings, reunions and birthday parties.

About Touch of Chrome Trail Rides

I have been in the horse industry as an enthusiast, owner, breeder, foaling service provider and award-winning show woman of horses all my life. I enjoy taking people on the trails and take real satisfaction teaching the fun of trail riding to children, starting with my OWN family’s children and grandchildren age 4 to 18. You will have the pleasure of riding my pure bred APHA (Paint) Horses on the trails. I have enjoyed every aspect of the industry and now look forward to teaching you to enjoy the beauty of the Texas countryside from horseback.

Excursions, birthday parties, cookouts, reunions are all priced on request since each location has different options available. Meals, which can range from hot dogs to Hamburgers, depending on your liking, are all options not included in the regular trail ride price. The excursions typically last 3+ hours. Some of the excursions can be an overnight event, please let us know if this is something you would like.  Please email us at judyg2222@gmail.com or call/text 817-648-2584

1 Hour Trail Ride
Trail Ride Prices per Horse-Available 7 days a week
$60-Hour and a Half
$70-Two Hours (2nd hour is discounted)
$95-Three Hours (2nd and 3rd hour is discounted)
$110-Three Hours with box lunch Call for Scheduling 
$120-Three Hours with cookouts (Must have 8 riders)  Call for Scheduling  
$70-Sunset Rides
$95.00-Moonlite Rides
$30-half hour Handler / Instructor to lead horses for small Children and Adults that want to try riding but not sure what to do. Call for Scheduling 
Excursions-priced accordingly to requested

For all last minute available times please call us at 817-648-2584

***Please note that for the health and comfort of our horses we impose a rider weight limit of 230 lbs. For YOUR comfort it’s best to wear comfortable loose jeans or other long pants and Lace-up tennis shoes with hard heel or riding boots. A good fitting cap or hat. Strings must be on all hats if worn. Sunscreen is advised for all rides. Cowboys learned long ago to ALWAYS be prepared for a change in weather. You are welcome to bring your own riding helmet. Helmets are not required but are always advised, parents make the decision to use or not use. Please ask us to get them for you if you would prefer to use helmets. Gratuity is always appreciated by your guide, but completely up to you.

Trail Ride Release Form

Please call us at (817)-648-2584 or email us at judyg2222@gmail.com to make a reservation. Once you have made a reservation we will send you a text that gives you an address and other important information. When its time for your event we will go your directions to the trail-head we will be doing your ride out of. To maximize riding enjoyment, PLEASE BE AT THE DESIGNATED TRAIL HEAD 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED RIDE. Our trail-heads do not typically have a physical address. If there isn’t a physical address we will send you GPS coordinates for your phones maps or GPS. Happy Trails are soon to come.

Touch of Chrome Trail Ride

Judy Greenway


1 Hour Trail Ride