Sunset Horseback Ride

A ride you should not miss!

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These are beautiful 2 hour rides at Rocky Creek Park on East side of Benbrook Lake south Ft. Worth. We never know what kind of sunset its going to be because they are all so different like any sunset.  We ride on the opposite side of the lake from the sunset and head out approximately a hour before sunset and hope to get to that perfect spot to see the most spectacular views.  The colors of the sky and clouds reflect back down on the waters of the lake.  You are sure to get some beautiful pictures so make sure to bring your cameras  and phones for this ride.  These rides generally fill up fast because we only take 6 riders a night so get your reservations in early or you can call to see if there is a cancelation.

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This ride is my favorite ride because of the time of day and the starting of the evening hours. When the haze of evening starts to desend on us and the temperature starts to lower, the wildlife start to move around and do thier evening feeding. We sometimes see deer, rabbits, wild turkey, squirrel, occasionally a bobcat, armadillos, coyote and possum and maybe even a bald egale. We generally always see something on this ride.

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I hope you will join us and experience this amazing ride to watch the sunset desend below the horizon.  I guarantee you will enjoy it.

2 Hour Sunset ride $70.00

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Gratuity is always appreciated by your guide, but completely up to you.

Sunset Horseback Ride