We want to reward our customers that are loyal to us. If you ride 5 times with us you will be able to get your 6th ride for free. We have several trails to ride on in such a short distance  away from each other so let us know if you want to change trails.  This is a really good way of experiencing the trail without owning your own horse.  Lets face it horses can be really expensive to own.  Not only do you have the expense of feeding and the up keep of vet bills and vacinations you also have the expense of a place to keep them and the trailer expense of owning one and the up keep of it.  Not trying to scare you away from owning your own horse but this is a good way to find out if you really want to own your own Horse.

loyalty card

This is our gift of appreciation for your loyalties to us.

If your guide forgets to tell you about this offer please ask him/her for a card for each rider on your first ride.   Thanks for riding with us and we hope you enjoy the ride because we know we will!!!

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