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Kids Horse Camp

This is 3 days of fun filled learning about horses and how to be safe around horses. This camp is for girls and boys alike and will be totally supervised. Children will learn how to catch their own horse and halter them.  They will learn how to saddle their own horse.  Learn how to ride with posture and direction. We will play games to learn the anatomy of a horse and parts of a saddle and how they are use in relation to the horse.  We will learn the different aids you have and how they are use in relation to the horse.  Each day they will be in the saddle and learn how to give direction to their horse and all they will be needing to know while going down the trails at the lake to ride..  The 3rd day, after learning all these different things that go along with riding that we have learned on the first 2 days of camp,  we will be going to the lake for a 3 hour trail ride with lunch on the trail.

Happy Trails To You and a Fun Day on Their Horses

kids camp pic 2


Hours 9:00am-3:00pm Monday – Wednesday   EXCEPTION : week of July 4 camp will be Tuesday-Thursday.  Kids should be picked up promptly at 3:00pm each day of camp

Ages     7-18

Lunch provided at 12:00 each day

Price $300.00 each for 3 day camp.  Check event calendar for dates

kids horse camp

1st day:

  • How to catch your horse and halter him
  • How to groom horses properly
  • Game- body parts of the horse
  • Lunch- sandwiches and trimmings
  • Game-Parts of the saddle and what they are used for
  • Teach how to saddle and bridle your horse
  • Teach how to load a horse safely in a trailer

2nd day

  • Refresher course from day before
  • Everyone caches their own horse and halter them
  • Lessons on horseback about how to move your horse in different directions
  • Lunch- hot dogs on the grill
  • Lessons on their horses in hay field

3rd day

  • Make our lunches for the big trail ride. Everyone packs their own here
  • Pack saddle bags and everything needed for the trip to the lake
  • Catch horses and load them in the trailer and make sure everyone has all their tack
  • Head to lake
  • Unload horses, saddle and bridle
  • Everyone mount up
  • Let’s go have fun!!!
  • Ride for 1 ½ hours
  • Break for lunch
  • Trail ride back for 1 ½ hours
  • Unsaddle horses and load them in trailer
  • Head back to ranch

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