About Touch of Chrome Paints


I am Judy Greenway the owner of Touch of Chrome Trail Rides and I am retired with grandchildren of my own. I love to ride and have been riding since I was in my 20’s. I have shown horses with the APHA American Paint Horse Association most of my life. I have had my own breeding stallion for many years and have personally raised almost all of the horses you will be riding on. My grandchildren and I love to ride and do so almost every weekend if any way possible. When fuel prices were so high I was trying to figure a way  to supplement the riding habit we had, so I started picking up a few riders here and there.  Doing this I had turned this into a business without realizing what I was doing.  Well, I love to ride and teach kids and adults how to ride my beautiful paint horses. I tell people all the time that I do a teaching trail ride and I will try to show you the basics and will help you as we go down the trail.   I hope you will join us on one of our rides and enjoy what we  love the most.  I ride 7 days a week and enjoy every minute of it.  Your next, or your first ride is only a phone call away!

Touch of Chrome Trail Rides

Judy Greenway     817-648- 2584